About me

There is no concreteness without abstraction, nor growth without vision. This has always been a belief that guides me, in perfect harmony with the principles of the sectors in which my companies operate.

Financial services provided through the most advanced technologies.

The largest public register in which transactions between users are stored.

Technology at the service of the business, able to automate human activities.

Accounting services and registration of business transactions.

What I Do

I have always been an entrepreneur trying to transform the ideas and opportunities that new technologies offered us, into actions and concrete projects that respond to the needs of the market.

Soluzione Tasse

Tax Savings Counseling Company, which allows entrepreneurs and professionals to pay less taxes legally.


Global standard designed to register, through artificial intelligence, the accounting of companies within the Blockchain.

Xriba Pay

Payment platform that will allow companies to conduct transactions that can be associated with accounting documents.


Innovation. Growth.

It’s the synthesis of a professional path, always devoted to the acquisition of knowledge, through direct contact with the practical resolution of problems.


Hence the awareness that innovation is expressed through concrete actions, often radically improving and renewing the sectors in which we operate.


Growth, in all its nuances, therefore becomes a natural consequence.


Each of us has before him an unprecedented future that has its roots in a past made up of episodes, knowledge, teachings, then life experiences. Here is my story.

Press Review

Below is the collection of the most important news on our projects, taken from newspapers, magazines, periodicals, blogs and other media.